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5 Easy Ways to Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water This Summer

For most of the country, Summer means vacations, barbecues, and weekends spent by the pool or beach. Naturally, Summer also means warmer weather, and while it’s important to drink enough water all year round, summertime temps can make us all more prone to dehydration. To make sure your engine stays hydrated while you have some fun in the sun, here are five easy ways to ensure you get enough water this summer.  Read More

6 Reasons to Make Fitness a Family Affair

Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but kids right now are spending hours in front of screens, living a more sedentary lifestyle, and not be getting enough exercise. What's the solution? Family activity. At Town Fitness, it is our mission to redefine wellness. With kids, this doesn’t necessarily look like the typical everyday wellness activities that adults participate in, like going to yoga, CrossFit or even the gym.   We believe it should be a priority to lead by example by exercising, eating right and finding ways to reinforce a love of physical fitness at home. Here are six reasons to make fitness a family affair. Read More