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Kafi Payne

Owner of Dogpatch Dance and Yoga, Kafi worked in education for almost 20 years before pursuing her dream to open a dance and yoga studio. The goal at Dogpatch Dance and Yoga is finding joy in movement. The goal is to create a fun, inclusive, diverse environment. 

Kafi Payne instructs the following:
  • After Work Twerk

  • Yoga for the Soul and R&B
  • Come flow with this vinyasa yoga practice set to R&B vibes to feed your Soul!

    Make space for yourself to release the accumulated stress we carry from all parts of our lives by practicing in a relaxed, fun and nonjudgemental environment. Through the practice of yoga, we become stronger and more flexible physically and mentally - an amazing journey which looks different for each person. This vinyasa flow class encourages you to find your own personal level of challenge while also connecting through music to bring a deeper feeling of flow and inner sense of chill.