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Town Fitness is dedicated to bringing high quality and fun dance, yoga, and fitness experiences to the East Bay. With a variety of classes and excellent personal trainers, you're sure to find the right fit for all of your dance and fitness goals. In addition to high quality and supportive personal trainers, some of our classes include:

Trap Yoga, Ratchet Ballet, Sexy Sculpt, Sexy Beast 101, Yoga for the Souls and R&B

Town Fitness Dance Instructors
Town Fitness Yoga Instructors
Town Fitness Dance Teachers

Not surprising, co-owners, Kafi Payne and Marc Payne, met through fitness. Kafi Payne and her husband Macheo Payne are regular members of Marc's 9Round kickbox fitness. Over time the possibilities for an incredible partnership were apparent and Town Fitness was born. 

Town Fitness is a fun, diverse, and inclusive place to work out and dance.
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